Ringing the new year with Hope, Joy and absolute trust in God.

“I went full and now return empty” Cry of Naomi in the book of Ruth. How many times we have gone through a similar experience when we have cried, “Lord, you have taken everything that I had as a Joy and object of our happiness, simply to make me empty again and again till we are transformed from Naomi (Pleasure ) to Mara ( Bitterness)”

Standing as barren and empty becoming a subject of ridicule and contempt in the hands of her own people, Naomi was heartbroken, with the death of her husband and his two young sons who left two young widows without any child, added to this was the famine in the land of Moab, which made Naomi to leave Moab and take a journey back to her native to be seen by her people as a cursed women.

Ruth is a book of Hope and trust in the living God, we see that there was a Kinsman called Boaz, who redeemed Ruth and gave all that the family needed, above all out of the descendant of Ruth and Boaz came David and Jesus.

This Incident reminds us that during the most difficult times when there is only tears and pain all around us we need to take courage and increase our faith.

God is at work for something great and amazing which you cannot comprehend or conceive in your thought.


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