He named him Noah, for he was to change the cursed situation into a blessed situation.

Today was a red letter day at the church, the wind of spirit blew away all the dense, dull and damp situations in our life.

During the sermon Pastor made one point which came jumping out of the bible and held me, I could not tweet with a 140 character restriction which might even suppress the essence and the weight that scripture had, so here it is.

Noah’s Father Lamech was 182 year old when he gave birth to Noah and bible records it in Gen 5: 28-29

28 When Lamech had lived 182 years, he had a son. 29 He named him Noah[a] and said, “He will comfort us in the labor and painful toil of our hands caused by the ground the Lord has cursed.”

Lamech was much burdened and bruised and all his endeavor were fruitless adding to the woes was the pain, toil and labor the effort of which seemed vain, due to the cursed land.

We go through a similar situation in our life too and the questions that arises are like, why lord I have this inherited disease?, this inherited poverty? this inherited rejection by our own people? why our parents never saw blessing but only labor and manual labor? why no comfort in their life but struggles though they were sincerely serving you, however there came a time in the life of Lamech when Noah the son was born.

And Noah was a righteous man, who feared God and walked with Him, and because of Noah, God repented and made a covenant that he will never destroy the earth with flood, and thereafter the land which was cursed became blessed.

In our life when we have the circle of curse making our life barren and fruitless, there will be a birthing of a something or someone who will be the harbinger of good tidings who  shall eventually break all pain, toils and the vicious circle of sin and curse and make our life a blessing.

Remember even if you dont have such birthing, Jesus came to break that cycle of curse and with his blood he sealed the covenant never to make our life barren or cursed.



:: IPA Shelterhouse :: Glow Today :: Hail Bombs!!

:: IPA Shelterhouse :: Glow Today :: Hail Bombs!!.

When you feel you are almost there and then calamity strikes.


Israelite’s were tormented and tortured under Egyptian tyranny, however God pulled them out with His mighty hand and gave them the needed freedom. However just as freedom was within their reach, just as Moses was leading them out of captivity… “Pharaoh and his officials changed their minds.” and the entire army swooped down on them with vengeance and revenge.

And we know what happened next: God staged one of the most spectacular rescues in the Bible.

Are you going through the same phase in your life…Look up unto God.

Just needed this email for my spirit.

From His Heart Ministries Newsletter

A Note from Pastor Jeff 

Dear Solomon,

How do you feel about being thankful? If you find gratitude a tough thing to embrace these days, I understand. After all, we’ve been through some hard years, both as a nation and individually.

But you know what? It really doesn’t matter if things are going well or things are going badly for us. That’s because God has given us a crazy little thing to do… give thanks. Giving thanks, regardless of the circumstances, will pull us out of the deepest ditch and put us on the road to joy and peace.

Now, you might say, “Pastor Jeff, you don’t know my situation and how desperate I really am. There’s hardly anything to be thankful for.”

I realize thanking God when things are not going well can be hard. But I want to share with you three good reasons why you’ll want to give thanks even when things are awful.

The first is that giving thanks will keep you from getting bitter. Bitterness is like an infestation of termites that will just chew away at the structure of your life and your relationship with God.

The second reason is that giving thanks pleases God and glorifies Him. Showing gratitude in the midst of pain shows others that God is real!

And the third reason to give thanks is that it delivers you from pain and anxiety. What I’ve found is that sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He calms His child. But either way, He’s going to bring the calm you long for!

Are you looking for joy and peace today? Grab a pen and paper and write down 10 things you’re thankful for, then thank God for each of them. Do this every day for a week and see if God doesn’t bless you with the joy and peace you’re looking for!


Pastor Jeff Schreve
From His Heart Ministries

Prevention is better then cure- Some tips for this season.

With avian flu back, mixed with woes of strewn rotten garbage all over the city and a sudden monsoon like season brought by Nilam its time that we brace ourselves  against flu and other epidemics

Prevention is better than cure, so here are some quick tips to keep yourself safe from the dangers of seasonal diseases.




1)      Watch out for respiratory allergies including wheezing, chronic cough and H1N1, consume loads of nutritious foods including fresh vegetables and pulses and keep your body hydrated with loads of fluid intake.



2)      If you are suffering from fever and similar allergies continue with your medication and do not skip. Proper rest and keeping a tab on daily development of your health is a must, if needed visit a doctor.



3)      Avoid getting wet in the rain, keep yourself warm with some warm clothes, especially children pregnant ladies and aged people must be taken extra care.



4)     Remember, much of the diseases caused during this season are water borne, hence drink only clean water from reliable source.



5)      Follow sneezing and coughing hygiene strict hand washing or hand sanitizers are good.



6)      As far as possible avoid eating food from outside and don’t walk barefoot.



7)      Avoid driving fast especially two wheelers, Bangalore has more pot holes then the craters on the moon, you cannot blame the vehicle going ahead for applying the sudden break , he might be just avoiding a pothole unknowing of you trailing behind him.



8)      Hygiene Hygiene and Hygiene, that’s the mantra. Keep your house clean and dry and your waste away from home.



9)      Above all pray each day for protection, Disease is illegal in your House.



And now for some lighter note-

This weather is good for families to get together and practice the forgotten art of making bajjis, samosas and other evening delicacies, after all it’s the season of making some fried stuff and eating without calorie guilt. So go ahead build that bonds and bonda’s  ( another version of bajjis from south India) and serve with love 😉

God bless you!

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