Been in love with God ever since I have known Him, Including the days of personally knowing and otherwise too, always found my comfort at His feet.

However in reality I always found some excuse to run away from God and find my joy elsewhere,  result,  everything else other than Christ ended up in an empty shell with no meaning, confronted with constant failures the journey in the quest of knowing him on a more personal level began. I am not yet perfect but I know I am loved by a perfect God and I am moving on to the goal set before me.

This blog is reflection of just who I am what I am passionate about. It showcases my passion to the one who showed his ultimate passion on the cross for me and I am eternally indebted and this is just a token of love back to Him.

Email : nsolomonraj@gmail.com                        nsolomonraj@yahoo.com                         nsolomonraj@hotmail.com


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