Just needed this email for my spirit.

From His Heart Ministries Newsletter

A Note from Pastor Jeff 

Dear Solomon,

How do you feel about being thankful? If you find gratitude a tough thing to embrace these days, I understand. After all, we’ve been through some hard years, both as a nation and individually.

But you know what? It really doesn’t matter if things are going well or things are going badly for us. That’s because God has given us a crazy little thing to do… give thanks. Giving thanks, regardless of the circumstances, will pull us out of the deepest ditch and put us on the road to joy and peace.

Now, you might say, “Pastor Jeff, you don’t know my situation and how desperate I really am. There’s hardly anything to be thankful for.”

I realize thanking God when things are not going well can be hard. But I want to share with you three good reasons why you’ll want to give thanks even when things are awful.

The first is that giving thanks will keep you from getting bitter. Bitterness is like an infestation of termites that will just chew away at the structure of your life and your relationship with God.

The second reason is that giving thanks pleases God and glorifies Him. Showing gratitude in the midst of pain shows others that God is real!

And the third reason to give thanks is that it delivers you from pain and anxiety. What I’ve found is that sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He calms His child. But either way, He’s going to bring the calm you long for!

Are you looking for joy and peace today? Grab a pen and paper and write down 10 things you’re thankful for, then thank God for each of them. Do this every day for a week and see if God doesn’t bless you with the joy and peace you’re looking for!


Pastor Jeff Schreve
From His Heart Ministries

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