Prevention is better then cure- Some tips for this season.

With avian flu back, mixed with woes of strewn rotten garbage all over the city and a sudden monsoon like season brought by Nilam its time that we brace ourselves  against flu and other epidemics

Prevention is better than cure, so here are some quick tips to keep yourself safe from the dangers of seasonal diseases.




1)      Watch out for respiratory allergies including wheezing, chronic cough and H1N1, consume loads of nutritious foods including fresh vegetables and pulses and keep your body hydrated with loads of fluid intake.



2)      If you are suffering from fever and similar allergies continue with your medication and do not skip. Proper rest and keeping a tab on daily development of your health is a must, if needed visit a doctor.



3)      Avoid getting wet in the rain, keep yourself warm with some warm clothes, especially children pregnant ladies and aged people must be taken extra care.



4)     Remember, much of the diseases caused during this season are water borne, hence drink only clean water from reliable source.



5)      Follow sneezing and coughing hygiene strict hand washing or hand sanitizers are good.



6)      As far as possible avoid eating food from outside and don’t walk barefoot.



7)      Avoid driving fast especially two wheelers, Bangalore has more pot holes then the craters on the moon, you cannot blame the vehicle going ahead for applying the sudden break , he might be just avoiding a pothole unknowing of you trailing behind him.



8)      Hygiene Hygiene and Hygiene, that’s the mantra. Keep your house clean and dry and your waste away from home.



9)      Above all pray each day for protection, Disease is illegal in your House.



And now for some lighter note-

This weather is good for families to get together and practice the forgotten art of making bajjis, samosas and other evening delicacies, after all it’s the season of making some fried stuff and eating without calorie guilt. So go ahead build that bonds and bonda’s  ( another version of bajjis from south India) and serve with love 😉

God bless you!


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