Seven Keys to keep one independent of money.

This is a gist from the sermon we heard this Sunday on the  deliverance week that we just concluded. These 7 keys are the essential to any christian who needs to live a life of deliverance against the financial clutches which so easily entraps many a Christians today and they struggling in this area.

This is called the 7 keys or to put it more simpler terms the A to G of financial freedom.

1) A – Anointing – Psalms 23:5 “my cup runneth over”, David had to admit that all his needs were met in full to the brim and he never lacked any good thing, Oil represents the anointing in the spirit, to ensure that all our barns are full just need to make a simple prayer, lord fill me with your spirit, His divine power has given us everything we need 2nd Peter 1:3

2) B – Blood of the lamb – Egyptians who whipped the Israelite and oppressed them had to give up all their possession to israelite’s so as to send them away because God with the blood of the lamb had made a clear demarcation between the Egyptians and Israelite’s and for the Israelite’s living them was the only option left for them to live peacefully without any plagues. We shall plunder the enemy with the blood of the lamb even their Gold and silver will be ours.

3) C- Commitment – Story of Ruth and her commitment to serve God transformed a bleak story into a glorious one, we need to be committed to God and our God given Spouse.

4) D- Discipline – Order In life, Daniel 6: 10-11 Discipline comes with conviction – Lets be discipline in our personal and family prayer life

5) E – Excellence – God’s Mandate is upon us, 1st King 3:8, 9 , Its God’s wish for us to excel, so lets trust God and go for excellence.

6) F- Favor – The Favor of God bestows blessing of God, Est 2:15, Luke 2:55, we need to seek God to find his favor upon our life, and Gods favor is sure to fulfill all our material needs

7) G- Giving – The Divine principle of God works almost on, its better to give then to receive  the more we give God opens our blessings to flow to us, For God is no man’s debtor.


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