What do you do when it seems God has turned His back upon you!

We all go through a similar situation, when it nearly seems that God is completely ignoring us, questions like is God really there watching what I am going through, is God avoiding me?, Is there a sin in me that is keeping God at bay?, Is God interested in me any more? come to surface.

We see in Bible that the great man after God’s own heart, David, went through a similar phase in his Life, then how did he overcome that situation?, one of the psalm of Asaph explains that.

Psalms 77 :7 , has Lord rejected me forever, will He not show His favor anymore, has His love ceased? has His promises come to an end. so on and so forth.

However we see how the psalmist strengthens himself  during the tough time’s of his life, instead of complaining he start’s reflecting on what God had done in the past, how His mighty hand was upon His people in rescuing them, Bible says

“I will reflect on all you have done and meditate on your actions”

Whenever faced with life’s toughest situation reflect back on God’s mighty hands in your past situation and thank Him and the Lord who did mighty miracles in the past will come and rescue you and you shall sing his praises from there on.


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