Christians would you stop forcing your conviction into others, Because I Am dealing it.


“But never force your conviction on anybody else, because God deals with everybody in many different ways”

Just read this on my twitter this morning and I was held for a moment, as if the word jumped off my computer. Dont we do that more often unknowingly, God never wants that we should ever push our way through or try to thrust our ideologies, believes, principles and convictions into others lives.

I have often come across people who say its cowardice not to share Gospel and its akin to denying Him and God shall deny us before the Father, which is not a correct thought.  Jesus never forced his way through, he shared the Good news with patience and in much love, while gently and firmly telling them about the path of destruction too, while He himself was The way, The truth and The life but he showed restrain in what he said, he knew what to tell a pharisee and to a prostitute, our prayer should be, “God give me the grace to say anything with much grace”.

So no more defending on “type of cloth”, “the way to worship”, “the song to sing”, “jewels, no jewels”, “doctrine”, “theology” “confessing sins in public”, “to tell everything to your elders in the church or not about your personal life” and your “plans for the future to be shared with your pastor or not” and what not we have innumerable list of things that we call a true conviction and expect that all the christians to follow what is right in our own sight, but God wants us to show restrain. Pray for them and love them, even if they are not our type of a person or who don’t follow our own convictions and principles.

Are you still thinking that this is watered down blog and going easy on things not from God, Don’t you believe, when we pray for such people God shall answer us in dealing with them the way He wants? would he not want that we keep ourselves away from constant meddling when he is at work!!!


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