The day the sun stood still

In the book of Joshua, Chapter 10, there is a wonderful account of a fiercest battle fought by israelite, this war was unique in following 3 ways,

1) The battle had 5 kings belonging to 5 different province to join hands and defeat the people of Gibeon, who had by now surrendered to Israelites and they had a treaty with Israel. So technically they were warring against Israel

2) Battle was fought by God himself, because word of God says, more people were killed by hailstorm then by the sword of israelites

3) Joshua told God to hold the sun so as to kill more enemies and God did that

I am so excited to know that, enemy may plot anything against us, however if we are on the lord’s side, then he will fight even the fiercest fight for us, moreover he will make the condition conducive for us to make the maximum destruction to the enemy and take back all the precious things back.

And yes, He shall hold sun in each one of our case and keep assisting us in annihilating our enemy and bring these kings head under our feet.


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