A new generation rising!!!: Cry of the India Youth Retreat 2011. By Hepsibah Rozario

Do I have a purpose here, on this earth? Am I a product of coincidence, chance or worst still a Big Bang? These were some of the questions that I faced and I kept battling with it every passing day. And if you have heard of someone like God, then another question, Does God really exist, because if he does why is my life such a mess? As I was straining my intellect, trying too hard to find answers to these, I got nothing, but another icing of worry to my life. Oh man! Will I ever find a way through this or die incomplete. The answer would be ‘Of course Yes!’, but I didn’t know how and when and where? So you see questions, questions and questions filled me.

I finally found the answers recently, it was surprising to see that I was not the only one in this mess, my church youth were my colleagues in this crime. Couple of them decided for a youth camp for two days, in a place called Chennai, Southern India. And if your working, it’s difficult to get a holiday on a weekday, some faced issues; however we made it and arrived on 19th afternoon of August, 2011. I can’t tell you exactly what happened there, because then I wont do justice to God’s work, but one thing we can say ‘It was different, it was extraordinary. God exists!’ It is fascinating to see how God loves you and still cares for you, in spite of you caring the least for him. It’s amazing to see, that the Creator of this earth knows you by your name, moreover why would someone so great care for someone as tiny as me? Selah…

We found most of the answers to our lives there. God helped us know that there is only one solution to all the questions in our lives, and that is through HIM. One verse that God continued to minister to us, Genesis 1:28, which says “you were created to rule and reign over the earth,” which means we are Kings & Queens not beggars or slaves to this world. Our lives are filled with so many myths which are framed as spiritual truth, and we blindly follow them, and after a point we give up. It’s good to just flip through the pages of the World’s Best Selling Book, The Holy Bible, and you’ll find God saying, ‘It’s all right, It’s OK. I am there!’ This was a similar comfort received by one of the brothers, Mark, also the Organizer of the camp, who a couple of days before the camp lost his second son, due to premature birth. Oh Boy, wonder what he must be going through, two kids, almost there, but none alive! It was such an encouragement to see him there in full armor to fight the battle for God. We were all crying out in praise & worship to the Almighty, his presence filled us. A long awaited, amazing peace gripped our hearts and we didn’t want to leave, as our only cry became to be there and sing out to him, let him know how much we love him. We pledged to be the new generation rising up to take the throne as rulers with selfless faith and God sure shall bring a new revival.


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