The Mobile Phone & ATM Card – Joseph Rozario.


“Hepsibah, don’t forget to take your lunch box and umbrella!”. Every morning, when our daughter leaves for work, my wife articulately and vociferously instructs her. But Hepsi’s own and main concern is to make sure that her mobile phone and wallet (with ATM) are in her handbag. The ATM- the Automated Teller Machine, simply known as ‘Any Time Money ‘card and the mobile phone have become a prerequisite constituent of our lives.


With the mobile phone you can be reached anywhere. When the mobile phone was introduced in India, only the elite and a select people could afford the luxury of one. At its advent, instead of committing it to a resigned place in their pockets, some preferred to carry this status symbol as a mark of prestige in their hands, clamoring for attention. Each call cost the caller more than Rs.10/- a minute, when the receiver too had to pay dearly for it. Almost every politician, with this instrument in hand, tried to strike a better pose than his rival, when his image was printed on the huge hoardings and wall posters, in certain states of South India. But today, leaving that sacrosanct venerable niche, the same tool has descended to be noticed in the hands of the humble rag pickers, porters and vegetable push-cart venders. For a prince or a pauper, life is simply unimaginable without this apparatus.


The venerable ATM card too occupies no lesser a position in our day to day life. With this card, you can afford to get everything necessary in life. Apart from the currency notes it so easily dispenses 24/7, you can breeze / sail past any cash counter of the mall, staggering under the load of your shopping. Online business transactions, paying your bills and even tithes in some churches, have become so easy: thanks to this magic wand.

Such is the indispensable, inseparable, integral part, these two small paraphernalia occupy in our lives that we dare not step out without the same. We feel so vulnerable in their absence. Try going out without these for a day, or at worst still, try travelling 24 hours, to feel its true impact. With a valid journey ticket, packaged meals and with every attendant comfort and company, you will still feel susceptible without these. You will never make the same mistake once again.

For me the mobile phone is synonymous with unbroken communication & fellowship with God and the ATM Card is the mercy and grace available to me when I go to His throne room (Heb.4;16). While, in our natural lives, we dare not step outside our homes without these 2 instruments even for a day, yet unconsciously, in our life’s journey, we step out every day without these two indispensable supplies. How helplessly weak we feel in the absence of these 2 devices, and yet we fail to understand the futility and dryness when it comes to spiritual matters.


To be recharged spiritually, at this prepaid counter, every morning I go to behold His face and tell Him, that I cannot go out without His presence (Exodus 33; 15 & 16). I can afford to lose anything else in my life, but not my unbroken fellowship with God. I do not go to say the daily grind of hello to Him. I mean business. I tell Him, He is not a step-father to give Jesus one thing and deny me the same. What He has done for Jesus, He will have to do for me (“…thou hast loved them,(exactly in the same way) as thou hast loved me”-John 17; 23). After talking to his disciples about ABIDING IN HIM, Jesus said,” These things have I spoken unto you, that MY joy might REMAIN in you, and that your joy may be FULL” –John 15; 11. I will settle for nothing less than that very same abiding complete joy that He gave His son Jesus. His abiding presence may be the singular cause of my joy and loosing it may be the singular cause of my fear. I step out with this recharged assurance, “I will never fail thee, nor forsake thee”-Joshua 1; 5.


Secondly, entering His throne room (Hebrews 4; 16) boldly, I use this ATM card of amazing grace (I operate a joint account with Jesus, as I am His joint heir according to Romans 8; 17). He jokingly asks me, “What about the grace-money I gave you, yesterday. So soon you have spent it !”. I am reminded of my son’s college going days, about the daily usual customary father and son talk. I tell my heavenly Dad, “That was sufficient for yesterday. I am a pauper and am bankrupt today. If you don’t give me, I cannot manage this day.” Sometimes, with strong crying and tears, I have to tell Him that I mean business (Hebrews 5; 7). Paul used 7 superlatives, trying to describe this amazing grace- “ And God is able to make ALL grace ABOUND toward you, that ye having ALL SUFFICIENCY in ALL things, may ABOUND to EVERY goodwork” –II Corinthians 9; 8. And He always gives exceeding abundantly above all that I ask or think (Eph.3; 20). Like a millionaire, with these two tools, I step out fully armed to face another day to walk even as He walked. As I am writing this letter, I have been going through the most demanding and challenging period of my life. And yet, I am a witness to the unfailing and unflinching effectiveness of these two tools, by which I boldly proclaim, “Now thanks be unto God, which ALWAYS causes us to triumph in Christ…EVERWHERE ” II Corinthians 2; 14. I am more than a conqueror through Him (Romans 8; 37).This is our inheritance, yours and mine.


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