And the eleventh commandment is!!!

Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer”.

As a christian if I was ever asked on the eleventh commandment, then this would be mine.

Paul’s direction and command on being joyful, patient and faithful comes just after his mention of keeping one’s spiritual fervor and serving the Lord. The command is something that one needs to practice each day while we face the daily struggle of our life.

Be Joyful in hope – I just celebrated my first wedding anniversary this Sunday and I could not quote a better example of being joyful in hope then my own marriage.

I was well settled in my life earning a good salary working for a top notch bank with a commanding position, had a good reputation in the society as well as in the church, however when the time came for my marriage things looked bleak , unlike the western world, dating is still not considered a right approach for finding a bride in India, the groom needs to wait for parents approval and their choice, hence my decision was left to my parents and the elders in our church and they were doing their best attempt, however with each passing day things became difficult, I published my profile in all the christian matrimonial site and registered my name in all the marriage bureau of then known churches, meanwhile I crossed the age 30, there were some in my relative who were passing comments on the reason for delay in the marriage, I started loosing my hope, instead of being joyful in hope I was mourning in despair. During such a time I started concentrating on this old saying God is never late or ahead of schedule but on time, With that thought I slowly kept aside the marriage matters and started concentrating on God, though it was very difficult, however the divine time finally dawned upon me and now I am married to a wonderful wife who is such a support to me.

I have learned to be joyful in hope, Lesson learned- while we are hoping for something we need to rejoice in the lord and should not allow negativity or doubts to build.

Patient in affliction:   A new VP, had taken the place of an outgoing VP in the department where I was a team manager, initially he seemed to be very accommodating , promising and thorough professional however soon his intentions became very clear, he wanted to change all the norms according to his whims and fancies, this was not accepted by many, however he was adamant, he decided to fire me, reason was that I was being approached by my counterparts directly and he was being side stepped moreover all decision were being affirmed by me, which he could not take it.

As the pressure from my new VP started mounting it became difficult for me to manage things at office, after returning home these thoughts used to give me sleepless night. One day he called me and asked me to quit, I escalated this matter to his superior and our HR, they did not take any action against him but sympathies ed with me , with the constant nagging and harassment I decided to quit. During my notice period I did not hit back or take any extreme step against him, though I had every right to do so,  on the last day just after my farewell, a HR manager saw me in the HR bay and inquired about me, he immediately asked me to take back the resignation and took me in his department offering me a higher salary and a promotion, It was a miracle, Lesson learned – Be patient in affliction.

Faithful in Prayer: Sometimes our prayer needs to be continual and faithful and not on and off, faithful in simple words means realistic and truthful, it also means you keep your attempt intact even if there is no glimmer of hope. Our prayers needs to be realistic, truthful and one of persevering, In the church where I am a member we had this burden to see a revival among us, we were all tired of the routine and stagnation, with this burden we shared among some of the youth and elders who took the responsibility of waiting on the lord in prayer, months were just rolling and our prayer seemed ineffective, however the faithful one’s did not budge, as a result  all I can say  today is that it’s a different church with a new beginning , we have learned not to give up soon in prayer but to be faithful until we see our prayer answered.


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