Romancing with God.

Psalms 37:4, The secret to reach God’s heart is very simple. One needs to delight in Him, to delight means to enjoy Him, to fill God in one’s thoughts, Its like clouding  your senses with His thoughts alone, In such a state if somebody wrongs you, robs you, criticizes you, ignores you, demeans you, you just ignore them, cause your senses have become comfortably numb to such things so as not to act in reaction, your reaction is mostly love and not hatred because God is your love and he is your delight and nothing else matters and thus you would be able to bear anything.

To understand delighting in the lord one needs to see lovers, following are characteristic of true lovers

1) They think of each other more often day and night.

2) they love to talk or use electronic mediums to keep in constant touch

3) they shall be ready to accept any  hard task without grudge or grumble

4) they shall start behaving in a very loving manner with every one, this change will be noticeble

5) They shall try to find a private place to talk over the phone or in person.

6) The length of their conversation would last for hours together, even though they would have spoken just few hours ago.

7) They would praise each other among their family and friend circles.

8 ) Whenever a decision has to be taken, they would discuss and consult each other.

9) There exists no secret between them

10) They trust and confide with each other

Replace “they” “them”  and “their” with “God and me” and read it again.

This is what I call delighting, to such mad love, there is no comparison, if we ever express  such love can God sit quietly without reacting? will he not give us everything in exchange of that few minutes of intimacy.


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