Anything that profited me, I consider it loss, for Christ sake.

Philipians 3: 7 & 8

Recently I had been to a house dedication, the Pentecostal church that the family belonged to, had invited the Pastor. The Pastor in his white dress would not talk to anybody, all the church members were only looking at his eyes as he was instructing them when to start a song, when to increase the rhythm of the drum beat or when to stop singing, once all the singing was over he stood up for sermon,  to our surprise, he did not know the name of the family head and he had to be told twice.

The translator was a young brother who was so scared and nervous (not due to lack of confidence ) but more due to fear of pastor, as any error in translation would bring the pastors ire, as expected this young man did make a mistake, and instantly the pastor stopped and raised the voice correcting the translation, for a moment we all thought he is going to strike the young brother with his fist or his heavy bible ,  jokes apart, however  give a thought if Jesus was in the pastor’s place, how his reaction would have been.

Pastor later was given a prime place, the feast table was set for him, almost every one present there were doing their part to serve him, I was looking at how these simple people were doing their part considering this as a service unto the lord, in the end the pastor got a parcel of food for the family back home and a cab to drop him , after he left we all sat to eat.

Isn’t it right, that we all need acceptance, we need position, we need more money, our business should be profitable, our jobs needs to be secure and high paying, we need to be considered spiritual, our mission and church should grow exponentially

Paul says anything that profited him, including  his ministry which he acquired out of his extreme sacrifice while living single  all through his life, also any acceptance, reverence or service that was due unto him by the virtue of being a God appointed servant he counted it loss or of no value, for Paul the only thing that mattered was the knowledge of Christ and Gospel.


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