Power of self-worth

Self-worth and power of ones own inner potential is taught from the day child learns to talk or walk, we somehow teach our children the power of our inner self. In today’s management theory, Self worth and self confidence is a major subject, religion teaches us to realize the power of inner self, many of the yoga gurus or martial arts builds your self belief, In India its widely known as “self consciousness”

Lets see what Jesus has to say about this, In John 15:5, it says, apart from Christ you can do nothing, the need is to abide in christ, unless the branches abide with the vine, it cannot give fruit of its own self, the branch has to realise “self unconsciousness”, in other words the self has to die and it has to exist by the pure virtue of the vine (Jesus Christ) and bear fruit with its dependency on vine, branch on its own cannot give fruit.

Lets pray each morning for Christ to be all in all in our life.


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