God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble

One of the nature that God has, He cannot stand pride, take the case of lucifer. We need to examine our life and see how much of pride holds us, I have pointed few here, which are so basic

1) If someone brings any correction I cannot stand, sometimes it could be a person younger to my age

2) If church service is not conducted as per my standard I cannot stand.

3) I cannot ask sorry with my brother and sister.

4) I cannot sit or commune with any one who is lower in social status and would search for higher position or seat in public places.

5) Exhibits too much of humility, external humility is half pride.

6) Decisions are mostly personal and would not like to share it with others including the elders in the church or family heads.

7) often gets offended and speaks in anger calling those reaction as divine anger, pain or just correction.

8 ) Cannot accept any deficiency or discrepancy if someone points out  in one’s family or office.

Gods grace is only for those who are humble in heart, who would cry out and say I am the chief among sinner, because they always compare their life with Christ and not with others.


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