Learn from Me for I am meek and humble

Sometimes the act of obedience seems almost impossible, the simple reason, its self effacing, and calls for stripping of our thoughts on our right standing, while I was meditating on these words I could see the true nature of Christ and more prominently His obedience to the heavenly father, Just think on this.

Philippians Chapter 2

Jesus though God Himself, however obeyed to came down in the form of Man

From Man He became Servant

From Servant a Slave

From Slave accused as a  Criminal

From Criminal He bore the sins of the world to be called the sinner.

Because He came down to such low state, even the heavenly Father raised Him up to the highest place, that every tongue in heaven and earth shall confess that He is Lord and every knee shall bow before Him.

Are we ready to do away with our self, pride, high mindedness and conceit, Lets have the same mind of Christ.


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