Audience of one.

Most often we tend to make mention that we are living only to please God and the irony is most often then not we live contrary to that statement.

I am reminded of a story about a small girl who comes to Mom’s lap with  a big face and a wound on her knees, and mom is worried on what caused it and more surprisingly why she was not crying,  to that the kid says, she fell down in the rear garden and there was no one over there.

Though the above account is just for humor however isn’t it true that we aspire men’s attention, appreciation and applause, sometimes we would like to flaunt what we posses, it could be some new automobile, new house, new things recently purchased, sometime our own skill and achievements, I am reminded of God’s elected ones in Bible, most of them we see were just audience of one, which means for them only God mattered not the world. Jesus indeed was an example he did what father wanted him to do nothing else.

We need to have the same spirit of considering only God’s approval , mandate and applause and not the people around us.


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