When the Holy Spirit moves.

Often I have this experience of spirit taking control of our church service and see a surge of revived people among our church that day, today was one of those.

I had carefully taken a note on the subject that God has been speaking to me for a week, I took all the relevant illustration also prepared orderly notes, carefully wrote down the points in the required order, was all set for a fiery sermon.

I stood before the congregation and begged the Lord pleading with him asking for the move of the spirit where not man but God and his spirit is in charge.

I began with Philippians chapter 2, sharing about Christ’s humility and the entire sermon took a different turn all i needed to do was fold those reference materials and the illustration and move with the flow of the spirit and indeed spirit accomplished much more than what I could achieve through my well prepared sermon.

Sometimes God speaks particular message to an Individual ( in this case to me) that does not necessarily mean  It’s  for the congregation too, we should be always in the spirit to identify the difference.

Anecdote on God’s provision

I was having this desire for long to get an amplifier for the church however fund was a constrain, however out of curiosity  went to the showroom saw and inquired the price and stuff, and prayed God to assist, to our utter surprise a brother in the church came forward ( I did not make any mention to him) to assist financially, this is what I call praying and waiting on the lord even for the smallest requirement, Oh… God is in the details!!!


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