Technology as a resource to church growth

Often times i have been wondering if Jesus had all the technology to advance God's Kingdom on this earth how things would have looked like, may be His ministry,

1) Would have reached far flung areas using the technology.

2) All His parables could have been more visual then audio ( Power points).

3) More followers and like's on Tweeter and Facebook. ( if you would have observed followers and disciples were very less)

4) Write blogs and tweets and use His intellect to spread Gospel across the globe.

4) Gather public opinion, sympathy and support across oceans to fight His good cause and case. ( Gospel and his unjust trial)

5) Probably be in touch with His loved ones and attend cases immediately ( case of Lazarus)

6) Last but not the least all His sermon and miracles could have been published via his website and Youtube.

In all the case that I quickly typed I know technology would have negated the power of the Spirit and what Christ represented, if that is true, than, Is technology needed at all in our churches?

Technology is just a means : Means is not an end in itself, hence (technology, though being a resource) we can definitely use them 

so the question that comes out of this statement is how much?

Recently i had to use my star screwdriver to fix a chandelier, the chandelier once fixed was such a beautiful piece to behold, so can star screwdriver be attributed for the attractive chandelier definitely not accept for the usage on fixing it to the ceiling.

What Holy spirit can do a Technology can never do and neither should we give a high importance in our church activities too.

The greatest fear that I have today is that technology keeps us so busy in fiddling with it that we dont have time to pray for Holy Spirit unction.

May God bless us richly and our Churches to be in action.

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